So, 3 of my wonderful friends and I decided on a project for this year.  It all came about over Memorial Day weekend and cocktails in plastic cups at the 79th Street Boat Basin – and our 3rd annual welcoming of the summer there. One friend (incidentally, it was the one who suggested this blog! Wow, she is the creative impetus behind us all!) mentioned that one of her students did a project this past year, and after oohing and ahhing, we decided that we should, all 4 of us, spend a year doing the same thing.  There’s no originality in the idea, but… there will inevitably be originality in the results!

We have decided to mark one full year with a self-portrait a day. 365 pictures of myself. Yep.  We started last Tuesday, so today marked the end of the first complete week of our me me me projects.

I’m trying to take pictures that somehow represent that day and what was special about it, even if it’s only a moment of that day. I’m carrying around my camera, and looking for those moments. And I have not only had fun so far, but have actually found that it’s been hard to narrow down the results of my self-portraiture attempts to just one picture to represent the day. I have very little self-control– in pretty much all aspects of my life– so I’m currently trying to talk myself into allowing a folder of pics to represent some days.

But no no no no.  Because, I think that in addition to all sorts of other things that I’m likely to learn from this project of ours (namely, and hopefully, living in the moment, self-expression, self-acceptance), I might learn basic decision making and control!  So, one picture it must be!

And at the end of this year, on June 8, 2011 (wow), I know I will see a unique representation of my life and myself and I hope to feel self-acceptance. After all, each day, bad or good, is special and each picture, bad or good, is me. And my picture choices will probably say a great deal about my overall outlook on life and myself.

I hope my girls are having fun with the pictures (and would lay money on the fact that more than one of them has already missed a day of picture taking!). If you’re reading this, girls– feel free to refute my claim!


As a p.s., when this project was mentioned to another friend, he forwarded this link regarding a man who took a picture a day from 1979 until the day he died.  And the end results are not only a portrait of the man’s life, but a portrait of New York City through the years.  The website cataloging the pictures is amazing. And I am inspired.

Read about it here: