So, apparently Republican politicians today apologized to BP for the President making them pay.  Yep, APOLOGIZED*. TO. BP.  Regarding something the leader of their own country and government had done for the people in this country.  I won’t get into that part– the part where everyone seems to have forgotten that the office of the presidency is about more than one person, and the office and position and person deserves respect, at the very least. No I won’t get into that–  just the freaking apology part. And I’m sorry, how is it a “shakedown**” to make BP pay for the worst environmental disaster this hemisphere has seen and which THEY CAUSED?

Do these politicians, who are incidentally all Republicans, need so badly to be against President Obama in every possible opinion he has that it doesn’t matter what is coming out of their mouths? Do they need to be on the opposite side of every issue from him so badly that basic right and wrong are totally incidental? Optional? Or are they too busy counting the money given to them by big oil to run a conscience check before they issue their sound bites written for them by big oil?

And then I read that some crackpot – apparently a very scary crackpot- senatorial candidate in Nevada has said on record and in public, over and over and over, that if she doesn’t win, “second amendment solutions” must be sought and Harry Reid must be “taken out.”

Um……  What the hell is going on?

See, this is why I’ve become completely and totally burned out on people. I’ve gone beyond burned out on politics. I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. But right now, my hope is down to the dying embers. I am a daughter who grew up on stories of Kennedy era behavior regarding your country. Noble leadership ideals. I am the daughter of a former congressional intern. I have been to a lot of different countries and lived in two countries other than the U.S. and know how lucky we are. I believe that if you don’t like what you see in government, then change it. Through VOTING and contacting your elected representatives. Through making your voice heard.  I did not give up during eight long years of sheer idiocy and cronyism in leadership positions (see, but I have the respect for the position of the presidency so I will not bash that man publicly by name); I argued with my father that there was hope, that people could do it, that Obama could win and change things. And now, here we are.

With the fucktarded behavior that I read about today and our seeming race to drive ourselves straight off a cliff and break the whole world simply because two parties cannot agree, listen or compromise– what species would think that humans are any good?  Then add to this asstardedly  disgusting behavior by people who are supposed to be protecting us, leading us, working for us– add to this my daily professional tribulations dealing with “the public” and their inability to read, their desire to ask the exact same questions over and over and over, their desire to bully people and lie rather than to simply and politely and humbly ask for help, their pathetic need to have every single decision and thought verified, and their unbelievably selfish entitlement to everything for nothing — and what you have, my friends, is the full blown realization of my total apathy for people.

Ok. Sigh. Deep breaths.  I will cool off and hate people much less tomorrow or the next day and will come up with reasons why we aren’t all bad and see someone do something lovely and then will be embarrassed that I aired these sentiments, but for now… I’m good and pissed, disgusted and completely and totally disheartened.


Let’s make sure to give full credit where credit is due:

*The grand apology this morning was given by GOP Congressman Joe Barton, where he went on to say that the money BP was forced to give was a “tragedy in the first proportion.”  I’m sorry, what is the tragedy?  Not the wildlife dying, death of the sea, ruination of beaches and shorelines and people’s livelihoods?  Oh, right, sorry, you mean the money that poor BP has to pay for their little mistake.  Right, right (I’m doing my British right now)– that’s the tragedy.

**This one is from The Republican Study Committee. No, I can’t say I have any clue as to who they are, nor any desire to. But I know that they publicly declared this.  And I can add that Rep. Michele Bachmann announced that BP shouldn’t agree to be “fleeced.”  Dear Freaking All that is Good and Holy– let us not fleece BP.