I am sorry to have abandoned you, Internets, but, well…. I was about to say my July has sucked, but it completely and totally has not and it would be a disservice to the month to say so.  So, I will revise my unwritten thought to say that my July has been packed full of two mini-vacations, one to see my beloved family and to see my aunt (really my cousin but I think of her as my aunt) get married and the other to go to the beach with two beloved friends. As you know, internets and friends, the beach is my favorite place in the world, and the house on K court on the Jersey Shore is a haven of wonderfulness for me.  Plus, I had a little staycation where I went to a local beach, had a “London day” and went to a favorite cool place- the American Museum of Natural History- and lunched with different friends each day (that’s two more things from my solstice list, if you are counting, internets!). I have a new foot doctor who I have seen 3 times now and have had a new MRI done. I took about 700 pictures over two days at my aunt’s wedding festivities and did a not too shabby job as official and amateur photog for said aunt’s wedding.

I have not shared any of this wonderfulness with you prior to this because of two things. Two things which are sapping the energy and creativity out of me and truly bringing me down. One: I have spent about 5-7 hours a DAY answering work emails for our general office account. Hundreds upon hundreds of emails a week to students and parents who are sucking the soul out of me. So, guess what? I am assigning this job duty to someone else who works for me and I will be back among the soulful writers very soon! Two: This goddamned foot injury hurts me every hour of every day and I’m so sick of pain that it is exhausting me physically unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Enter new doctor, new diagnosis and new plan.  But as its the last day of July, a month of zero posts to my precious young blog, I couldn’t let you be apart from me anymore. So, internets, I am here again.

Would you like to hear about my Thursday? Ok! It was one of those rage-happy-rage-annoyed-happy days. And I will tell you about  it now.

1. I went to work and promptly became filled with rage. I spent 4 hours answering those never-ending emails and fixing the damn website that no one uses anyway because why would they read to find out answers themselves, when they could just email me 20 times a week and ask every little thought that pops into their head?

2. I left for an afternoon doctor’s appointment with my new foot doctor on the  upper west side, about a 45 minute trek in my current hobble. On the train, a stranger (most fellow train riders see my lovely huge black walking foot cast and close their eyes and pretend they are asleep so they don’t have to give me a seat) struck up a conversation with me about my injury where we talked about sports injuries, all of his injuries to his body from his playing tennis even though he’s old, and how bad movers are and how they don’t seem to care about damage they cause.

3.  I got to my doc who I just saw on Monday, where after a 4 day vacation off my feet at the beach house, I felt great. 3 days later, back into regular commuting life in the city, and the pain is right back where it started. So, I went back and I told him we had a “false happy” result on Monday, upon which he asked me what the heck that was. (Can I say that I love my new doctor and might be developing a teeny crush on him?) Oh and Internets– my foot problem is stemming from an asshole mover at work who dropped a 10 foot table directly onto my foot, but it’s “not his fault” as he immediately told me before running away as fast as he could. No, I’m not bitter. Ok, so back to the doc– he and his partner examined my foot very closely again, told me I was in the best of hands, reassured me, discussed every thought they had about what was going on with my foot, and expressed concern about the apparent atrophy and discoloration going on, gave me something for the pain….  I left feeling hopeful and my foot was numb and out of pain for the first time in months. It was wonderful.

4. I went back to work even though I wouldn’t get there until 5 pm. But god forbid my work-caused injury get in the way of the job. Again- no I’m not bitter. So, in order to make it there quicker, I took a cab. The cabbie behaved like all the students who email me on a daily basis and like the people I work with. He asked me to approve or advise on every single decision he had to make. When did people become entirely unable to do their own jobs and make basic decisions, thus requiring them to ask someone’s advice on every move made? “Which way? West side highway or …”   First off, just fricking drive. It’s your job, you’re the one with experience with traffic this time of day and dear god, can someone just not ask me something for one freaking hour? I said a nicer version of this but he hesitates, so I say “Not the west side highway. I’m going east.”  Then he asks me at each avenue we pass, which one should he head down. Oh. My. God. Take a fricking street that heads south and let’s go. So, I’m annoyed again.

5. I arrive back at work, just as everyone else is packing up. I answer 40 something more emails and stay till 7 pm. During the emailing session which has become my work life, an incoming Austrian student is writing to me and keeps writing back right away to each response I give. Now, with a large amount of emails received hourly, I answer in the order the emails come in, typically, so if you respond to me, it may take a day before I get back to you because 50 others came in before you. But something about this girl’s polite fear about not knowing what to do, how to pay, where her bill was and knowing that she was about to leave all she knew to come to a new country and a huge city that might feel like it doesn’t care about her made me want to do more than my usual. To be fair, I am a fantastic written rep for our office and every email gets my full attention and a thought out and helpful answer, but very few get my heart. But I wanted her to know that her decision to come to our school was a good one and that I cared and was there to help her. So, I answered every email she wrote that night, as it came in and reassured her on each item she was worried about.  She told me that I must be one of the reasons that our school is such a good school and she asked me if I like good Austrian chocolate.  I gotta say, it was the heartwarming thank you that I needed.  So, I’m back to feeling ok about the world.

6. I head home, and it’s late, it’s been a long day. My foot stuff and doctor’s appointments just make all my days longer.  Whine whine, I know. So, I’m limping/trudging up my street toward home. It’s in sight. I see someone across the street wave to me and it’s my buddy, Jevon. My biggest fan on the block. He has asked me out many, many times.  I always take a “rain check.”  Although, someday, I’m sure I will sit down and have a drink with this man. He disappeared for a couple years and when I saw him again a month or so ago, I asked where he’d been.  Prison. Yep. (On a side note, several years ago, some of the guys on the block were playing a game in the street, were getting in my way, and one of them was about to loudly proclaim all of my sexual attributes and get in my face. Then I heard someone else say, ‘dude, that’s Jevon’s girl’ and everyone backed off and was polite. So, being an admiree of Jevon has it’s payoffs!) So, Jevon waves, I stopped to chat, he sees my cast, asks me what happened, tells me I’m too nice and should sue, tells me I look “gooooooooooood” and that all I need to do is sit still and he’ll take care of me.  I laughed and headed home to hit the couch.  But hey, I looked “goooooooooood.” teeheehee

So, you know, all in all, it wasn’t a bad day. And it’s not been a bad month.  Now, on to August.  Talk to you soon. Promise.

July had this? July not bad. Picture taken from the front porch of the Jersey Shore beach house during my mini-vacation.