Writing Date! 8.1.10

Today, this lovely and cool and greyish Sunday afternoon, marks my first writing date. Me and another writer friend met up for a few hours at a local bar, sat on the back patio and….. wrote. We bounced a few ideas off each other, talked some things out, I read her play, but for the most part, we sat in silence and wrote and were hugely productive.

I love that I have started my August, usually a month consumed with work stress (the work that pays me the paycheck) by claiming time for the work that I want to be  my future. And even better, I realized today that in this year where I have been, by force, almost completely physically inactive, I have been hugely creatively active. Funny how things work out sometimes.

So, ok, I’m not able to work out and claim that fitness level that I want to achieve, but I’ve got three creative projects in the works that are making me happy and are steering me toward the life that I want to lead. Cool.

Today: I mapped out two plot ideas and chose the one to start with and wrote the opening scene. I realized that the reason I was stuck on another plot idea was that another story has to happen first before I can get to my little money laundress. Today, it became apparent that Fantasy Man gets the first book. Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about?  Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned and read the books! They’ll be steamy. You’ll like them.  I hope.

Next Sunday: 2nd writing date.

Cool, again.