I’m beginning to think that it might be better to be uninformed than watch the news, or even pay attention to the headlines. This realization pains me as I have no tolerance for ignorant people. Not necessarily saying that the act of not paying attention to local, national and/or world events makes you ignorant… but it certainly doesn’t help. I’m a northeastern elitist bitch. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. I do believe that people and corporations and politicians get away with bad things when everyone else just looks away– thinking someone else will fix it, or it doesn’t concern me, or it’s too hard, blah blah blah.  You can’t look away.  But damn, I can now feel my anxiety level rise when I watch or read the news. And my anxiety level does not need a boost these days. The situation is dire enough without being told over and over and over how dire it is.

For instance, tonight–wait wait wait. I guess I should first share that I am not a regular watcher of the local news, lest I have created the idea that I am a regular nightly news watcher. I’m more of a news reader. But tonight I was tired and plagued by that syndrome that sometimes happens to me that I call Seemingly-broken-appendages-can’t-seem-to-operate-remote-control-and-so-sit-like-zombie-and-watch-whatever-comes-on Sydrome, so I watched what I already know is crap.

And as expected, I got very little of any substantive information; but I was told of many other alarming things that are happening. Bed bugs (we’ve already established that I hate bugs [in the Why Rebecca’s Neighbor’s Think she is Crazy post] but the mere mention of bed bugs, specifically, terrify me– bugs that hide everywhere and bite me and suck my blood and attack my baby kitties and are next to impossible to get rid of?! oy) are now in the Empire State Building, the infestation is up by 200% this summer, and all sorts of other huge profile places in the city that have been shut down this summer because of them.

Then, there was a stabbing in a public place. Then, raccoons have apparently taken over my own neighborhood. My lovely little neighborhood is reportedly full of wily raccoons that open windows and invade and ransack apartments, 4-5 critters at a time, like little gangs. And they bring parasites.  And finally, a huge python in a near enough to be scary New Jersey garage. Like I need new things to worry about?!

I guess I should be thankful that none of the truly horrible things going on in the world were on tonight’s local news broadcast. Even so, I think I’m done with tv news. Brian Williams, you have filled the hole that the loss of Peter Jennings left, but your business is a business of bad news. And it’s stressing me out. Gary Gnu told me this when I was 7. I’m not going to watch the No Gnews is Good Gnews Show anymore.


codicil to above statement: Pat Kiernan, you are totally remaining the exception to my no more news policy. Non-New Yorkers, I know you know not of whom I speak, and that’s a shame. Pat tells me what’s in the papers. He’s awesome.