Day 3


I awoke at a decent hour of 9am, even though my body was screaming for more sleep and was still angry about… well, everything it had been subjected to. The hotel was having a welcome meeting, and while I usually hate things like this, I figured attending this one was a really good idea. Foreign land, foreign customs and all that. Got all sorts of useful advice and transportation information and booked some trips for the week.

Had Sunday brunch at the hotel, surrounded by Hungarian families. The food was delicious — not my normal Sunday brunch, that’s for sure!

I then set off on a trip into the city for a Danube river cruise. On the drive into the city, I was again smiling like an idiot, thinking, “I’m in Hungary. My god, I’m in Hungary!” Beautiful sunny day, beautiful river cruise. I can’t yet share the truly stunning pictures I took of this stunning city because they are on my good camera, which I won’t be uploading until I get home.

I then passed an hour wandering Pest town center before taking the bus to a grocery store and then back to the hotel. I already love this city.