Day 4

Buda hills

Today was to be a day full of walking around several areas of the city, Lipotvaros then crossing the Chain Bridge to do a Castle Hill wander. I had envisioned a couple cafes throughout the day to grab some lunch and a snack and coffee; some sitting in various public open areas with some streudel while I soaked up the sights and sun. But I awoke to a driving, non-stop rain. My previous decree of “rain or shine” has wilted in the face of a day spent balancing an umbrella and my camera and wet jeans and no ability to sit outside. Occasional showers are one thing, but nonstop, constant rain?




So, considering that this is a much needed restful vacation to destress, not just a jam-packed sightseeing touristy trip, I made an executive decision and have remained in the Buda Hills for a relaxing day at my lovely hotel filled with writing and reading and perhaps a massage. Oh, the life!


Thought of the day: the Hungarian people I’ve come across are lovely. At times, they may seem brusque at first, but they warm up very easily and are easy to charm with my attempted Hungarian. Although English is widely spoken, and those in the hospitality and tourist industry speak very good English. Outside of the hotel and tourist trade, they first speak Hungarian to me and it’s this rush of nonsense (to me) and I just smile and bumble my way until I figure out what’s going on or they start to speak heavily accented English. The only phrase I’ve nailed other than hello, is thank you. But a smile and saying thank you in Hungarian gets a really good response! I’ve got a phrase book, of course, and read up on the language and various phrases, but it’s a lot to take in and when I’m face to face in an unknown situation, most of the quickly learned phrases are deserting me. But I continue to try, and it does seem appreciated. After all, while it is a fairly obscure language only spoken in this country, this country has outlasted 1,000 years of almost continuous foreign rule and yet still managed to maintain their own language. So, that language deserves and will get my respect.

End of day recap: Day of lazy recovery became lazier than anticipated. <insert sheepish grin> After my computer bizarrely froze and would not let me type a single word, I laid down during the reboot….and promptly fell asleep! Well, I guess it’s what one gets after not enough sleep and too much work stress for months on end, followed by 2 days of travel to get here, and a massive time change!


Day of rest and writing

There is a cuckoo bird outside my balcony nearby. Oh my gosh, Sound of Music song is running through my head and has been the whole time I’m at my hotel in the hills. I know, I know, wrong country. But this is the closest I’ve ever been to Austria! BTW, stay tuned for Austria later in the week!