Bam. Done. Check.

New thing #2. Uh huh.

Empire State Building.


The best part about February’s new thing… well, there are so many best parts, I’m not sure I can fairly narrow it to one best….So here are the bests:

1. Totally impromptu last minute plan. Is there anything better than spontaneity?!

2. No line, no wait. (Probably because it’s a winter Tuesday night.)

3. This is a couple firsts rolled into one, because I’ve never been this high up — in a building, that is. 102 floors. Eiffel Tower was my previous tallest structure. Factoid – Empire State is 1250 feet tall, Eiffel is 1056. I’ll admit it– I was a dorkishly giddy in the elevator, with my ears popping, knowing I’d never been that high up. The elevator operator was kind enough to hold the doors so I could take this:

102nd floor!

1250 feet up in an elevator!

Other bests of this outing:

4. I live in this glorious city where I can just decide to do stuff like this with no forethought or planning. Why don’t I do this more often? It’s time for a Rebeccassance! I’ve stolen that line, but it’s apt and I’m sticking to it. More cultural out and about firsts in my city must be had.

5. I called my parents from the observation deck just to say hi, and my niece and nephew were over, so I got to talk to two of my favorite little people. My nephew told me “We’re in this house.” He’s 2. It was cute. It has nothing to do with the Empire State Building, but it’s part of the night, so in the blog it goes.

6. Man, it was peaceful up there. Beautiful and peaceful. Screw work stress. There’s no work stress 102 floors up in the sky.

I almost didn’t do a February New Thing. I was going to let it slide. Because I’m tired. I’m so tired. I’ve been working so hard, I think my brain and body have about given up on me. So, big thanks to my friend Melanie for the 4:30 pm call at work, saying, “Let’s do the Empire State Building tonite.” Bam. Done.